Plant Relocation

Technicians preparing to move heavy equipment at a facility.Whether it’s moving one machine across town, an entire plant across the country, or one piece of equipment from one part of a plant to another, Cherokee Millwright's plant relocation experts can relocate and consolidate virtually any type of equipment available today—always working to ensure minimal downtime with maximum efficiency.

From logistical management and coordination to unloading, crating, and staging, Cherokee Millwright's talented plant relocation team can help get clients where then need to be, when they need to be there. 

Our services include:

  • Pre-relocation planning and budgeting
  • Project management and scheduling
  • Performance of all work at the source plant(s), including:
    • Disconnection and disassembly
    • Match-marking, drawings, diagrams, and instructions for reassembly
    • Rigging and removal
    • Demolition and scrap recovery
    • Plant decommissioning
  • Logistics: manage and coordinate

Plant Relocation Case Study

In 2011, Lisega, the world’s leading specialist for industrial pipe support systems, moved from Newport, TN, to Kodak, TN, in four weeks.  Due to the aggressive timeline and long travel distance, Cherokee Millwright utilized a multi-shift approach to the project to get them moved to the new facility as efficiently as possible. 

In addition to developing a detailed moving schedule that allowed Lisega to keep orders flowing, we engaged in pre-construction tasks to help support upcoming equipment moves, which began with the raw materials yard. At the same time, we moved the saw lines and burning tables.

Next, we moved the bending and welding lines and followed the company’s manufacturing process until the project was complete. Cherokee Millwright completed the project on time and remained on site for another six weeks, fine-tuning the new facility in order to maximize their manufacturing process.