Millwright Services

Millwright_use.jpgCherokee Millwright offers a full suite of services that includes installing, setting, aligning, and leveling various types of machinery and equipment. This includes dismantling, refurbishing, reassembling, and moving machinery and equipment, and close tolerance and precision alignment (optical and laser). 

Machines and Conveyor Lines

As one of the first millwright companies in the state of Tennessee to use precision laser alignment to align couplings, Cherokee Millwright is a true machinery and conveyor assembly/installation specialist. 

Precision laser alignment—a procedure that reduces damage on bearings and seals while also minimizing energy loss—when used regularly, can increase the useful life of machines and reduce production downtime.

Cherokee Millwright is experienced in both relocating equipment and helping customers integrate new equipment into their current production lines. 

Structural Installations

Sometimes existing structures need minor—or sometimes major—modifications to meet current or expanding needs. Whether clients need an additional set of stairs, a new mezzanine, or just about any other structural modification, Cherokee can put together a workable solution—subject to provided and approved architectural drawings.