Cherokee Millwright created a Robotics Division in order to provide robotic solutions for manufacturing, production, warehousing and other industrial applications. In order to administer a seamless integration of robotic technologies into your facilities, we've develop custom solutions for each customer that include installation, programming, maintenance and support.

Whether you are looking to install an entire warehouse management system or a fleet of material handling robots, Cherokee has the skills and resources to make your vision a reality.

Services & Expertise

Autonomous SDV's - Self-Driving Vehicles

AGV's - Automated Guided Vehicles

Linux, Robot Operating System (ROS). Python
PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers)
HMI's (Human Machine Interfaces)
Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Proface



Our FARO Vantage Laser Tracker allows us to accurately set up, align, inspect, and digitize parts, assemblies, and machinery. Increase efficiencies and reduce costs by completing jobs faster, reducing downtime, minimizing costly scrap, and capturing accurate, consistent, and actionable measurement data.

20 years of industrial maintenance
10 years of industrial automation
7 years system administration and networking
2 years collaborative development


Save Money

Save money by decreasing production costs, decreasing labor salaries and increasing speed.

Increase Efficency

Work at a consistent speed with no breaks, days off or sleep required.

Improve Safety

By removing the need for humans to perform some of the more dangerous tasks, while also removing the human error factor in material transport, you can increase workplace safety.

Increase Work Space

The efficiency and compact size of robots allow for more effective movement and use of warehouse space.

Employee Retention

Incorporating robots to perform repetitive and physically demanding tasks allows for employees to take on more desirable responsibilities.

Satisfied Customers

By reducing costs in labor and increasing production, you can pass some of your new savings down to your customers.

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